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and you can vacuum out my pockets

Corona Car Wash LOGO 

and then rub it in with a little saliva

CoronaVirus 2 LOGO 

or on your nose when you use it to push the elevator button

Corona Virus LOGO 

they've both got a point

Not on the Same Page LOGO 

or you could just google it

Subway Stalactites LOGO 

"i guess now we can put away these round signs"

Flat Earth LOGO 

and also thanks for giving us horrible posture

Vulture Thanksgiving LOGO   

and you can't talk and not be insensitive at the same time

Read the Room LOGO 

then i can start paying back my student loans for business school!

Metal Detector Guy LOGO 

how about if whales had calculators?

Fish Highways LOGO 

plus he only accepts bitcoin

Fish Umbrellas LOGO 

aye soar write threw this!


your car insurance will cover two cleanings a year


and it doesn't look anything like the valentine's day box of chocolates i got


you can see the entire great wall when you're flying in


that's like comparing apples to a different kind of apple


double-or-nothing on who would've landed on the moon first


guns are really stupid



point of no return


and when i was your height i was taller


and someone messed with my preset radio stations!


or just always use speakerphone


and then darken the lenses to protect against the sun!


"indigo truffle?"


abolish the spine tax!


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