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the tuba fills itself with hydrochloric acid

Guitar Practical Jokes DONE LOGO 

when people solve their own issues...

My Way or Highway LOGO 

"ask your older clumsy sister's splattered head"

Take Your Daughter Tightrope LOGO 

morons or ahead of the curve?

Dic Pics LOGO 

he's still on the fence about sprinkles

Cones Steaks LOGO 

keynote speaker at mensa

Carburetors Mints LOGO 

the fourth worst is you both wear watches

Pogo Stick Marriage LOGO 

writing a thank you note is out of the question

Snake Gifts GOOD LOGO 

maybe he should have said "pre-owned"?

Used Masks LOGO 

the english major who should've gone to law school

No Pets LOGO 

time to buy a tapestry

3 Clock Man LOGO 

old mcdonald never had a single cow on his farm!

Rhetorical Guy LOGO 

only because arcade fire wouldn't fit

Hall and Oates LOGO 

that's either really expensive, really cheap or really in-between!

Guy who left out of details LOGO 

another ivy leaguer with bad luck

Door to Door Deodorant LOGO 

what's on second is very misleading!

Third Wheels Abbott and Costello LOGO 

mr. versatile

Bad Pick up Lines LOGO 

please toss me my gifts now

Birthday Corona LOGO 

and rumor has it they share a bathroom sink!

Bad at Gossip LOGO 

and you can vacuum out my pockets

Corona Car Wash LOGO 

and then rub it in with a little saliva

CoronaVirus 2 LOGO 

or on your nose when you use it to push the elevator button

Corona Virus LOGO 

they've both got a point

Not on the Same Page LOGO 

or you could just google it

Subway Stalactites LOGO 

"i guess now we can put away these round signs"

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