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"i guess now we can put away these round signs"

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free splenectomy with every appendectomy! everything must go!

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a jarring experience

Jar Museum final LOGO 

but only because he said he went to yale

Bigfoot wine 2 final LOGO 

but still no "jesus" until 5,000 b.c.

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he also kicked me but only with his right foot!

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Groundhogs Meth LOGO 

and dim the lights

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the caption is superfluous

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control yourselves, ladies!

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and also thanks for giving us horrible posture

Vulture Thanksgiving LOGO   

even the winner choked

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the octopus is psyched!

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hey, i could be a resume writer!

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oceanic eulogies

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plays bagpipes on "the sound of silence"

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robot unemployment remains at 0%


and you can't talk and not be insensitive at the same time

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the bar gets even more defensive

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or just let me cut your head off

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then i can start paying back my student loans for business school!

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and don't worry about birth control

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but crullers are free

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although he insists it's just hair growth meds

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actually he just really hates myra

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