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here's an offer you can't refuse... and it's adorable!

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now off to applebee's for blood pressure

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he's also learning microsoft office

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jarring news!

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assuming they don't have a nut allergy

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slow and steady gets the thief

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the pilsner gets a commission

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welcome to applebee's!

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i'll waive the vig if you guess your cholesterol

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what'd he do that for?

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or we'll need to LXXXVI him

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the deposit is in es-crow

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14.83% of people will hate this cartoon

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the hydroxychloroquine bones saved my pug's life

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two guys with puppies

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shitty earrings

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cockblocked by the stairs

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but we also get into magic shows for free!

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from herman cain's chapstick?

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the tuba fills itself with hydrochloric acid

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sleight of hands

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when people solve their own issues...

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like night and day!

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"ask your older clumsy sister's splattered head"

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morons or ahead of the curve?

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