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This is some blog description about this site

but crullers are free

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although he insists it's just hair growth meds

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actually he just really hates myra

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on the cusp of a divorce

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i will also make a milkshake come out of my penis in the middle of the night!

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no, but there's an applebee's

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the mobius strip of careers

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snakes are a great source of protein!

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and you might want to get rid of the dead guy in the trunk

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"however i will be unable to prance until tomorrow!"

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okay, i just pet a dog, now it's only thirteen seconds...

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still more pleasant than the bi-polar bougainvillea

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maybe i'll hire someone to hold it up to my mouth

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actually i do need a handkerchief -- for my skull blood!

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and no more collars!

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dog's best friend

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100% ready for the circus preakness

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much cheaper than owning a pair

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and if you never plug in your tv you'll save on electricity

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regardless, you shouldn't leave the house without sunscreen!

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and i only have organic blood

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and she ordered the fish

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and i've lost weight!

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ok, may have to break out the roofies...


an equitable exchange

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