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or if you know of two really really strong guys

Casket Corona LOGO 

close enough

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just make sure the baserunners social distance themselves from the fielders

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there's a lot of people coming so two-ply, please

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and a half-a-roll of toilet paper!

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and you can vacuum out my pockets

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80% chance of pants flurries

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and then rub it in with a little saliva

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or on your nose when you use it to push the elevator button

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they've both got a point

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just wait until he finds out about hawaii

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when i snap my fingers you will be a stuntman!

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or you could just google it

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tastes just like sriracha!

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no malarkey!

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noun v. verb

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"i guess now we can put away these round signs"

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free splenectomy with every appendectomy! everything must go!

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a jarring experience

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but only because he said he went to yale

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but still no "jesus" until 5,000 b.c.

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he also kicked me but only with his right foot!

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and dim the lights

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the caption is superfluous

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