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This is some blog description about this site

that's like comparing fig leafs to sins

Apple and Oranges 

now try it with a grape

William Tell Son Sick 

maybe the short guy just needs a lozenge?!?


two thumbs up and a middle finger

Third Wheels Siskel 5.13.23 

two strikes and you're out!

New Baseball Rules LOGO 

the man who never lied

Treadmill Cartoon 

realtor of the year

Real Estate Cartoon LOGO 

the original groundling

Azalea Improv LOGO 

safety first!

Seatbelt Bank Robbers LOGO 

somebody dodged a bullet

Cream Soda 8.1.22 LOGO


even the dinosaurs thought it was hacky

ManCave LOGO


men of steel

Superman Super Man FINAL


manchester disjointed

Soccer Goalie Hands LOGO 

octopus nightmares

Octopus Ink LOGO 

save save save! ow my shoulders and hands need a break now

Discount Necklaces LOGO 

spoiler alert!

Subway Gender Reveal LOGO 

how long til antarctica?

Flightless Birds LOGO  

can also stain stainless steel

Petes Superpowers LOGO 

he's only a statue because he never got his tetanus shot

Vaccine Monuments LOGO 

and my divorce is all because of YOU, desk chair!

Furniture Fights Back LOGO 

trout with dill sauce trout with dill sauce trout with dill sauce

StenographerParrot LOGO 

a sheep in sheep's clothing

Sheep Sweaters LOGO 

snoring isn't the cash cow you thought it was

Napping Side Hustle LOGO 

and then hit the space bar on my keyboard!

Unneeded Assistant LOGO 

hopefully it's johnson and johnson so he doesn't have to go back

Siphon Vaccine LOGO