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safety first!

Seatbelt Bank Robbers LOGO 

somebody dodged a bullet

Cream Soda 8.1.22 LOGO


even the dinosaurs thought it was hacky

ManCave LOGO


men of steel

Superman Super Man FINAL


manchester disjointed

Soccer Goalie Hands LOGO 

octopus nightmares

Octopus Ink LOGO 

save save save! ow my shoulders and hands need a break now

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spoiler alert!

Subway Gender Reveal LOGO 

how long til antarctica?

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can also stain stainless steel

Petes Superpowers LOGO 

he's only a statue because he never got his tetanus shot

Vaccine Monuments LOGO 

and my divorce is all because of YOU, desk chair!

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trout with dill sauce trout with dill sauce trout with dill sauce

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a sheep in sheep's clothing

Sheep Sweaters LOGO 

snoring isn't the cash cow you thought it was

Napping Side Hustle LOGO 

and then hit the space bar on my keyboard!

Unneeded Assistant LOGO 

hopefully it's johnson and johnson so he doesn't have to go back

Siphon Vaccine LOGO 

and hurry up or i'll have to squirt you with my flower

Clown Shoes 42 LOGO 

at least get a storage area in the dead mastodon's ribs

Hunter Hoarder LOGO 

and ringo's probably paid off his student loans by now

McCartney Millionaire LOGO 

do you mind if i check my hair in your rear view mirror?

Insecure Driving Instructor LOGO 

i walk alone, bitches!

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as long as i don't have to leave it July 4th or Christmas

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two liters of lies

10 Gallon Hat vs. Milk 2 LOGO 

the next morning the entire town had a parade for jeff to celebrate!

Guy Who Didnt Get it LOGO