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the most remarkable graph you'll see today!

W Graph 

valedictorian of the foyer

Smartest Person in Adjacent Room  

* assault and battery lawyer fees not included

Jasper Tickling Waiter 


 Acronym Man 

bear necessities

Bear Bidet 

the further adventures of mr. paranoid

Scam Likely FINAL 

my cell not the landline!

Baby in Crib FINAL 

for my next trick i will pull a tennis ball out of my pants!

Magnifico FINAL 8.14.23 

here's to self-control until the entree arrives!

Scab Toast FINAL 

"did you see that one cloud yesterday?'

King of Small Talk FINAL  

four of them are bots

Jesus and Buddha FINAL 

jesus had his at sixteen and a half

Biblical Facts 1 

and two fingers and two toes means i think you're adorable!

Baseball Mound Final 

very very very small claims court

Fly Insurance FINAL 

that's like comparing fig leafs to sins

Apple and Oranges 

now try it with a grape

William Tell Son Sick 

maybe the short guy just needs a lozenge?!?


two thumbs up and a middle finger

Third Wheels Siskel 5.13.23 

two strikes and you're out!

New Baseball Rules LOGO 

the man who never lied

Treadmill Cartoon 

realtor of the year

Real Estate Cartoon LOGO 

the original groundling

Azalea Improv LOGO 

safety first!

Seatbelt Bank Robbers LOGO 

somebody dodged a bullet

Cream Soda 8.1.22 LOGO


even the dinosaurs thought it was hacky

ManCave LOGO