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writing a thank you note is out of the question

Snake Gifts GOOD LOGO 

too many of us are idiots

Corona Knights LOGO 

i've been wondering about that nickel since 1989

Currency. Where are they now LOGO 

in case you were wondering... which you probably were

Where are they Now INSECTS LOGO 

maybe he should have said "pre-owned"?

Used Masks LOGO 

"there's a pandemic! i want my own can!" -- an anchovy

Sardines Corona LOGO 

the english major who should've gone to law school

No Pets LOGO 

we'll also need a vaccine for gingivitis

Teeth Corona LOGO 

pure insanity! she even gave birth to kittens!

Dog Cat LOGO 

time to buy a tapestry

3 Clock Man LOGO 

old mcdonald never had a single cow on his farm!

Rhetorical Guy LOGO 

a dynasty in the making

Fish Teaming Up LOGO 

the roof of that building looks like an upside-down texas

Clouds LOGO 

i don't wanna know what he does in the deep end

Guy who pretended pool LOGO 

i'll be knocking out all your teeth in the next 12-18 months!

Bar Fight Corona LOGO 

my coulrophobia just went down 90%

Clown Cars Corona LOGO 

and you can't borrow my towel, either

Corona Gym LOGO 

which is wiped out by $400 on hand-sanitizer

Corona Sunscreen LOGO 

that crushed up carton of orange juice was awesome!

Netflix bins LOGO 

it's rod stewart's ass, numbskulls!

Whose Ass is it LOGO 

only because arcade fire wouldn't fit

Hall and Oates LOGO 

that's either really expensive, really cheap or really in-between!

Guy who left out of details LOGO 

another ivy leaguer with bad luck

Door to Door Deodorant LOGO 

what's on second is very misleading!

Third Wheels Abbott and Costello LOGO 

mr. versatile

Bad Pick up Lines LOGO